Oak Porch Installation

Each project is different and therefore, the following advice is subject to change depending on your individual circumstances.

Your manufactured oak porch is pre-built in the workshop before it is despatched.  There are normally 4 main components and installed in order.

1. The 2 Side Returns

Whether you have chosen 2 or 4 uprights, these are pre-jointed to the horizontal (or ‘return’ beam) with traditional mortise and tenon joints and dowelled with kiln dried oak pegs.  These side returns are a 2 to 3 man lift to get in to place.  When in place, secure frame fixing bolts should be used to attach these uprights to your property.  These are normally placed through the face of the back leg by drilling a 19mm pilot hole (drill bit supplied).  The head of the frame fixing is therefore hidden with an oak dowel (supplied)

2. Brackets

Oak dowels secure the oak brackets in to the uprights and the other end of the bracket is used to locate the base of the truss.  See below.

3. The Main Truss

Again, the fully jointed truss is ready to place on top of the Side Returns.  This will need lifting equipment or sufficient people on site to handle this due to the weight.  An alternative would be to have the components making the truss as individual pieces so that it is made on site.  The advantage is that they are easier to lift in to position although the disadvantages are that more time and skill are needed to assemble it in place.

The truss is held in place with galvanised coach bolts (supplied) so that they can be screwed at an angle in to the top of the side supports. Underneath the truss will be location slots so that the opposite end of the supported oak brackets fit.

4. Roof Components

The components of an oak porch roof consist of a ridge board and common rafters.  The oak designed to sit from the top of the truss back to the wall of your home is called the ridge board. Pre-cut and angled common rafters are ready to screw into place. The top of the rafter through into the ridge and the base into the top of the side supports.


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