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We created this website with one thing in mind.  Oak Porches!

Within the following pages, you will find everything you need to make a decision on whether an oak porch is right for you.

An oak porch will add character, comfort and value to your home and therefore this website has been designed to help you get the most from it.

We help you to understand your oak porch design and appearance.

Advice with the technical ‘know-how’ in a clean and simple way.

Always gather information on requirements for installation.

Supplying Developers and Self Build Projects

Always professional and knowledgable

amazing quality

Your oak porch will have a quality feel to it.

We supply our oak porches: sanded, treated and finished with the choice of 3 coloured or colourless exterior UV oils.

Quality working drawings are always supplied prior to manufacturing providing peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer relationships and excellent customer service.

We Put Ourselves in Your Shoes

We Listen – We Understand – We Advise

help & advice

We can offer guidance and help in making those final decisions for all our discerning customers.

Should you be starting your oak porch from scratch, this website will be able to answer most of your questions so that you have a better understanding of where to start. We would suggest a ‘tick list’ of areas to think about before starting out.

Q. Do I need planning permission?

Q. What footprint area do I have to work with?

Q. Are there any restrictions I need to consider?

Q. Will I be installing the oak porch myself?

We can then discuss the truss design, the number of supports and any roof detail.

Completely Tailor Made Oak Porches

Any design, shape or size is achievable

how we work

This website is a sister site to OAKBYDESIGN.CO.UK.  We offer the same quality and service to our main site whose products include:

Orangeries, Sunrooms and Conservatories

Oak Structures, Car Ports and Garages

Oak Roof Trusses

Engineered Oak Flooring

Oak RSJ Covers

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