• Reference: 17346
  • Location: Tyne & Wear
  • Budget: £5,000
  • Services: Drawings and Manufacturing


I just can’t stop looking at it!

Jacqui contacted Oak By Design in May 2019 through their website after finding their details online. Based in Tyne and Wear, Jacqui and her husband Adam had plans passed for the extension of their home.  They had purchased this 4 years earlier to add a garage and utility to the side and extend the existing kitchen to create a large kitchen/diner.  Finally, they wanted to add a welcoming glazed oak porch to the front of their home in a popular area of their home town.

They had had their plans drawn up by Paul Bell Architectural Services but were going to be doing as much of the work themselves where possible.


After discussing the existing design with Joanne, they made a couple of minor tweaks that would provide more stability to the rear of the framework. A decision was made to incorporate Oak rafters that would add detail to the plastered ceiling.

They chose to provide their own door and frame, as they wanted a painted one.

Once they accepted the quotation, drawings of the elevations of the porch were sent out for Adam to check over. Adam made a couple of changes and once confirmed the porch went into production.

During manufacture, Oak By Design sent Adam and Jacqui photo’s of the porch in various stages showing the progress. Jacqui was ‘itching’ to get the glazed oak porch installed!

They chose the Osmo Polyx UV Oil in Natural for the finish of the porch. 2 coats applied to all porches before delivery.

The glazed oak porch was ready in September but as they weren’t quite ready for installing it, both parties agreed it would be safer to be stored until they were. Delivery was made in October. Adam installed the porch himself with a little help with the lifting from friends. Both Adam and Jacqui installed the glazing, and afterwards said their cliché quote of the day was – “teamwork really does make the dream work!”

a glazed oak porch tyne and wear
a glazed oak porch tyne and wear
a glazed oak porch tyne and wear
a glazed oak porch tyne and wear


Jacqui finally found the door of her dreams – finished in a pearl grey colour.

They are both thrilled with the finished product.

Speaking afterwards Jacqui said “…….it’s totally surpassed what I envisioned. I just can’t stop looking at it!”

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