glazed oak porch york


  • Reference: 16624
  • Location: York, Yorkshire
  • Budget: £7,000
  • Services: Design, Site Visits & Manufacture


A Glazed Oak Porch
We are really pleased with the outcome

Initially, Susan approached Oak By Design for a quote for an oak carport.  This was for a property she was planning on moving into a village on the outskirts of York. Whilst in their showroom she saw a glazed oak porch and immediately added one to her ‘wish list’!


The house move took much longer than anticipated but eventually, she moved and the oak porch became a necessity.

There had been a shallow open brick porch standing at the front but Susan wanted something more substantial. It was to be somewhere to welcome friends and family into her new home and for storage of the usual, outdoor coats and shoes etc.

Considering her options, she decided to have a glazed oak porch, as against an open porch.  After discussing her design with Joanne and receiving an initial quotation, she applied for her planning permission.

Once approved, Richard made a site visit to confirm Susan’s measurements.   The glazed oak porch sent to production whilst her builder prepared the base and walls required. Her builder also paid a visit to the showroom to.

Susan chose to have a fixed glazed unit along each side and one either side of the external door.  She chose a contemporary door and frame in an anthracite colour with large chrome handle and tall window from a local builders merchant.

The truss has a kingpost and 2 diagonals and these are all glazed, flooding light into the entrance porch.

Once the oak porch had been delivered to site, Susan’s builder erected the framework, installed the glazing and then the oak to encapsulate the glazing.

He finished the roof and her electrician installed outside lighting to the front of the porch. Plastering and installation of the internal lighting completed the porch.

Before & After

glazed oak porch york
glazed oak porch
glazed oak porch
glazed oak porch
glazed oak porch


Speaking to Susan after the completion of the glazed oak porch, both she and her husband commented on the number of passer-by’s that slowed down to view the porch.

They are now considering a charge for each viewing and selling tea and cakes!

Susan ordered the carport a few months later!

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