Large Oak Porch - Open 2 Sides


  • Reference: 16183
  • Location: Anglesey, Wales
  • Budget: £4,500
  • Services: Design & Manufacture


It needed to be impressive
The outcome is exactly what we imagined

Jon approached Oak By Design in June. He was in the process of completing a self-build home in Anglesey and an oak porch would sit perfectly within the corner area in front of his front door. He needed a large truss, two front posts, one return, three curved brackets, a ridge post and rafters.  However, he felt they had to be chunky as it was a large area and therefore proportionate to the rest of the house.

He wanted a slight curve to the tie beam on the 3 metre wide truss and curved braces within the front of the truss. These were to match the curved ones on the face of the oak porch beneath the truss, and the one on the return side of the porch.


After some liaising between Richard and Jon, they agreed on the timber sizes for all the component parts. Once decided, the design and drawings were sent out to Jon for approval.

The timbers used for the front leg posts were a hefty 250mm x 250mm, but these gave Jon the look he wanted.

The side return finished at 225mm x 120mm to give the impression of a chunky beam.

The kingpost on the main truss was 190mm wide and again 120mm deep.

Due to the weight of the oak porch, multiple component parts meant it would be easier to install.

Oak By Design supplied the timbers planed, sanded and with a stop chamfer to all the main timbers. Jon chose to apply the finish himself after installation.

Large Oak Porch


John is absolutely thrilled with the oak porch, and after he installed it, he supplied a review though and declared the porch ‘Magnificent!’.

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