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  • Reference: 15009
  • Location: Harrogate, North Yorkshire
  • Budget: £3,500
  • Services: Design & Manufacture


We just love it!

the Wow factor has been achieved…

Dennis Johnson felt as though an oak porch would be a great addition to the new oak door with sidelights on his home.

The beautifully finished, white rendered house, on a newly built development in Harrogate needed a ‘Wow Factor’.


His builder built two small stone plinths to support the front posts and then approached Oak By Design to supply the oak porch.

The design that Dennis chose had two curved brackets to the face of the porch and this curved theme continues into the truss above with two curved braces.

The ridge of the roof extends across the top of the truss and the roof and overhangs the front of the truss. The two side returns, in turn, stand proud of the roof to the face of the porch. This forms an extended roof and offers some protection from the elements.

Stainless steel rods were inserted to the underside of the posts. When sat on the stone plinths, these elevate the posts slightly from sitting flush to the stone. When it rains, this eliminates the posts sitting in any standing water.

Dennis chose not to have any back posts, so the oak porch is supported by the returns (the oak timbers that run from the top of the front posts back to the house) being fixed into the house wall.

oak porch oak doors


On completion of the porch, Dennis said ‘…the porch has now finished off the front of the house and has created a grand entrance.  It’s great how it frames the lovely oak door and side lights.’

Dennis has certainly got the ‘wow factor’ now!

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