4 Posts 6 Brackets Oak Porch Cottage


  • Reference: 15004
  • Location: Cotwold, Gloucestershire
  • Budget: £2,500-£3,500
  • Services: Consultation and Drawings.


Adding Loads of Character
The oak porch has really added beauty to the house.

When Kim and her husband were looking to add character to their listed Cotswold cottage, they initially thought they wanted an enclosed oak porch.

However, as other renovation work was carried out on their home they decided they needed more of a statement at the door entrance, but at the same time, something that provided them with a practical solution for the taking off of wellies and drying the dog down after a rainy walk.

After looking at other properties in their area, exploring the Internet and looking at historic buildings, they decided it had to be oak, and this was deemed acceptable for their listed home.


They spoke to various suppliers but after speaking to Joanne at Oak by Design, Kim said: ‘From the first time we spoke to them on the phone they were cooperative and helpful. They had air-dried oak, which was exactly the material we were looking for. It gave us a ready-made ‘aged’ look that would fade to a lovely ‘silvery grey’ colour over time’.

Their builder built the dwarf walls and then Oak by Design supplied drawings of the proposed oak porch. Both Kim and her husband, and their builder then approved these.

After production, photo’s were sent and then it delivered to The Cotswolds where they gave it to their competent builder to install.

4 Posts 6 Brackets Oak Porch Cottage


Oak Porch Cottage

Oak By Design also supplied them with an oak seat top.  Engraving the house name was a nice gesture.  This provides the perfect place for sitting and removing wellies, or for sitting and enjoying a cuppa.

The underside of the seating area provides perfect storage for logs, wellies, gardening bits and other items that usually build up outside the door!!

Kim chose to have 6 curved brackets within the design. The 2 curved brackets to each side and to the face add character to this picture box home!

Even the builder loved the oak porch and recommended Oak by Design to other clients of his.

After the installation, Kim said: ‘The oak porch is just amazing, thanks!! It has been the final part of an 18th-month renovation project and has really added beauty to the front of the house’.

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