glazed oak porch


  • Reference: 17116
  • Location: Yarm, Teeside
  • Budget: £12,500 (2 Porches)
  • Services: Drawings and Manufacturing


An 18 Month Renovation
The oak porch has really added beauty to the house.

Gary got in touch with Oak By Design after a family member recommended them when he mentioned that he was looking for a glazed oak porch and an open porch for his home.

The property is a brick-built barn conversion which he has lived in since 1990. Work to the property has been on-going since then.

He had previously bought engineered oak flooring from them but hadn’t thought about looking for an oak porch.

Therefore, he visited their showroom in Tockwith, where he was impressed with the quality of the products he saw there.

He needed an enclosed glazed oak porch to protect a direct entrance from the patio to the kitchen.  This was due to the prevailing winds.  Also, it was to provide storage for boots, coats and a wet Labrador dog after his morning walk!

Adding an external oak stable door and frame with glass to the top section to let in light was a great idea.  This means Gary can open or close as and when required.

He also wanted an open oak porch to add character to another plain elevation as well as to frame the front door.

oak porch glazed with dwarf wall
oak porch glazed with dwarf wall
oak porch glazed with dwarf wall
oak porch glazed with dwarf wall


After explaining his requirements with Richard, the pair between them agreed on the designs through face-to-face meetings and then via emails and phone calls. Oak By Design created the final drawings and Gary placed the order; subsequently, manufacturing commenced shortly afterwards.

The approximate measurements of the open oak porch are 2445mm x 810mm with additional oak boarding to cover the underside of the roof.

The approximate measurements of the glazed oak porch are 3000mm x 1450mm.

After delivery, Gary’s own joiners installed both the porches. It was the first time installing a glazed oak porch for his joiners, but once ‘they got their heads’ around how it surprisingly easy how everything went together.

glazed oak porch
glazed oak porch


After the installation, he said they were now using the previously underused door via the open porch.  This was much more than they had ever before.

He said ‘the ability to trade design ideas and to see and develop them on the computer screen with Richard, was really useful’.

‘The oak porches both look great; better than I ever imagined and I have no complaints. Everyone who has seen them thinks they look fantastic!’

Even the builder loved the oak porch and recommended Oak By Design to other clients of his.

To conclude, Gary said, ‘We are so happy with both of our oak porches! It has been the final part of an 18th-month renovation and has added beauty to the front of the house’.

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