oak porch on dwarf wall


  • Reference: 16900
  • Location: Staffordshire
  • Budget: £2,500
  • Services: Drawings & Manufacturing


Just What Was Needed!

The porch has transformed the front of the house…

Keith’s home in Staffordshire had a painted softwood canopy above the entrance and a slight ramp. This made accessing the house awkward and therefore in need of an additional feature; a bespoke oak porch.

He wanted to replace the canopy with a bespoke oak porch but had to sort out the ramped area first. He also needed to allow for windows on both sides of the door and above the canopy. There was also a drain for access in the area together with outside light.

oak porch
oak porch


He found a bespoke oak porch he liked on this website (a second website run by Oak By Design purely for oak porches) and contacted them with some initial questions about foundations and design.

Between Keith, his builder and Oak By Design, they decided on the size and design. A design that took into consideration all the different factors that seemed determined to stand in the way of Keith’s porch ideas being an easy procedure!

His builder built dwarf walls to approximately 960mm tall in the same bricks as the house was built. Then, a raised area in the base of the porch created the correct height for accessing the door. Staffordshire blue coping stones finish the wall tops off beautifully.

With the now bespoke oak porch installed and the roof finished, it fitted in neatly below the window on the first floor above the door. The posts fit neatly between the windows to both sides of the door. The manhole cover is still accessible and the electrician made the outside light to sit on the back post of the porch.

oak porch
oak porch


The porch has now created a very welcoming aspect of Keith’s home. It is clear now how to approach the front door without having to step up onto the ramp area.

Keith chose to have the underside of the roof boarded out with oak boards. These locate on top of the rafters creating a great effect. The roofing materials fit on top of these. These create a finished look when looking up when inside the porch.

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