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  • Reference: 15005
  • Location: Cotswolds
  • Project Budget: £3,000
  • Services: Consultation and Drawings.


A Coal Shed Transformation
We love our oak porch, we’re so happy with it

Oak By Design received the photo’s from their clients, David and Jade Shepherd, who had previously ordered an oak porch some time ago.

At the time they had been ‘Googling’ oak porches and came across a photo of a porch supplied in the same area of the country.

They were in the process of converting a Grade 2 Listed Farmhouse in Oxfordshire, in The Cotswolds. The addition of an oak porch was only a small part of the full works.

The old coal shed would have an oak porch and be an inviting entrance with a blue slate roof to match the rest of the property.


After discussions over design, size and finish, we sent a detailed quotation along with a drawing of their oak porch. The following photos capture the transformation of the property over a series of weeks and months.

It became a family affair as everyone helped in the renovation and installation of the oak porch. There were 2 small ‘L’ shaped dwarf walls at 600mm high for the sides of the porch to form an entrance at the front. A brilliant white chamfered limestone, which is a lovely contrast against the oak finished off the wall.

Oak posts that sit on the wall incorporated stainless steel rods to their underside to slightly elevate them off the wall. This means any surface water can drain away easily away from the oak.

oak porch install
oak porch dwarf wall
oak porch roof
oak porch dwarf wall
oak porch dwarf wall

Six curved brackets were also added, two to the face of the porch and two at each side resulting in creating an arched window effect. There were fascias for the front of the oak truss and oak over boarding sat on the rafters. Therefore, when looking up underneath the roof, oak tongue and groove boarding would be visible.

As building the porch was against only a single storey, the ridge provided for the roof needed longer than the depth of the porch. As a result, the extended ridge would sit within the roof of the existing building. The oak porch and surrounding areas became one as slate joined them together for a seamless finish.

David and Jade also chose to board the small triangular void area within the porch.  This is where it met the house wall within the pitched area.


When Jade sent over the photo’s she said: ‘We love our porch, and are so happy with it”.

We can see why the family have made a stunning job. If you’re looking for a break in this beautiful area, take a look at the couple’s website for their holiday cottages: http://www.grovefarmcotswoldcottages.co.uk.

Speaking to David he sent a photo. Waking during the night he had looked over to the porch from his bedroom.  He had the pleasure of seeing a barn owl fly into the porch and sit awhile. He grabbed his phone and managed a quick photo!

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