oak porch yorkshire


  • Reference: 15007
  • Location: York, North Yorkshire
  • Project Budget: £4,000
  • Services: Drawings, Manufacturing and Installation


Its always worth waiting
to finally get what you didn’t know you wanted!

Joan originally contacted Oak By Design as she wanted to replace a white painted porch on her lovely red brick home in York.

Initially, Joan thought she wanted glazed windows to the side of the porch. Richard visited her home to measure up and gave her a quotation for the glazed porch and discussed various options with her.

For a while Joan couldn’t decide what she wanted and understandably didn’t want to commit to a porch she wasn’t sure about. A couple of months later Joan received our monthly newsletter and the main photograph showed a porch we’d supplied for a customer in Oxenhope.

When she saw this she contacted us and said this had decided her on having an open porch!


The original dwarf walls determined the footprint and the design needed to incorporate the slightly offset levels.

A major design change meant the existing forward sloping roof will now be a more traditional front pitched roof. As with most properties, there is was a first-floor window to take into consideration. Determining the angle had to be right to ensure it was aesthetically pleasing and within the height boundaries.

Within the workshop, drawings created the dream and the oak porch put into production.  After various checks, the transport was organised and it was finally complete and delivered to the site.  The Oak By Design installation team installed the porch and completed the roof in a matching Rosemary tile.

oak porch york
oak porch york


Joan has since said that she can’t believe she put up with the old porch for so long and absolutely loves the new one. She’s had lots of compliments from friends, and passers-by alike.

Sometimes it’s worth waiting to finally get what you didn’t know you wanted!

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