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Oak Porch in Boston Spa

Oak Porch in Boston Spa.

When Mr& Mrs John Steel decided they would like a new oak porch for their lovely home in Boston Spa, they knew where to come. They had previously bought oak products from us in the past and had been pleased with them.

As they were local to our workshop in Tockwith, we offered a site visit to discuss the design and installation. After the site visit, we sent detailed drawings to Mr & Mrs Steel to approve.

Once approved, we manufactured the oak porch at our workshop, it was delivered to site and then our fitting team went out and installed it. The porch was completed with under-boarding, which provides a finished look to the underside, but has the added advantage of concealing the wiring for the lighting.

The Steel’s chose to have 2 Hangman’s’ Brackets that framed the entrance to the porch. The finished oak porch, which measures approx. 1m x 1.5m and stands at just short of 3m, is made from timbers finished at approx. 140mm x 1400mm. The oak porch was finished in an Osmo UV Oil for protection from the elements.

Stainless Steel dowels were inserted in the base of the four legs so that they stand slightly proud of the stone flags they are stood on. This helps to alleviate the legs from sitting in any standing water.

The area of the house where they wanted the oak porch installing, was at an unusual angle, so we had to add an additional scribed back leg to the left hand side of the porch. This wasn’t a difficult item to manufacture, but the advantage of having a bespoke oak porch made, as opposed to an ‘off the shelf’ one, is that these small ‘problems’ can be overcome with relative ease in the manufacturing process.

When we returned to take the photo’s below, Mr & Mrs Steel told us how pleased they were with it and how it had made such a difference to the look of their home.

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