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The Cotswold Porch

Oak Porch Questionnaire

We have recently completed this lovely oak porch for a listed property in the Cotswolds.
Now that the project is finished, we asked our client to tell us about their Oak by Design experience.

Q. Tell us about the process of choosing your oak porch.

A. We were looking for an oak porch that would add character to our listed Cotswold cottage. We looked at properties in the area and the authentic materials that were used, explored the web and historic buildings and designed the sort of entrance we were looking for ready to send to various suppliers. It had to be oak!

Q. What other options were investigated and why didn’t these work out?

A. Originally our plans included an enclosed porch but as time went by and the other renovation work on the house was carried out, it became obvious that we needed something that was much more of a statement at the door entrance but at the same time provided us with a practical solution to taking our wellies off and drying the dog down when it had been raining.

Q. What was the deciding factor to choose Oak By Design?

A. From the first time we spoke to them on the phone they were cooperative and helpful. They had air dried oak, which was exactly the material we were looking for and gave us a ready-made ‘aged’ look that would fade to a lovely ‘grey’ colour over time.

Q. What are the 3 biggest advatnages that the oak porch helped to solve?

Beautiful ‘aged’ oak with character and strength

No ‘orange’ tinge to the timber

Listed building so acceptable material

Q. Do you have any stories or anecdotes?

A. Even our builder loves the oak porch and has already recommended similar to another client. Oak by Designs contact details have been supplied and we have invited them to come and have a good look at our oak porch.

Q. Did any problems arise and if so how were they resolved?

A. We were unable to reach OBD on a Monday at a time when we were putting in the under boards. No instructions are given as to whether they go above or below the cross beams. We had to go with an educated guess instead. Recommend re-visiting your instructions and plans. We also had to have made separately narrow oak trims to hide the roof felt under the tiles. These should have been supplied. Response from Oak By Design. We are closed on Sundays & Mondays and apologised for any inconvenience that this may have caused at the time. As all of our porches are individually and bespoke made, standard instructions are not available, however we are always happy to offer help and advice during normal working hours if required. Roofing materials, including trims, are not supplied as standard with our porches, unless specifically requested at the time of ordering.

Q. What are your comments on the finished project?

A. We are thrilled with our oak porch! It has been the final part of an 18 month renovation project and has really added beauty to the front of the house.

4 Posts - 6 Brackets - Oak Porch - Cottage
4 Posts 6 Brackets Oak Porch Cottage
4 Posts 6 Brackets Oak Porch Cottage
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