large oak porch


  • Reference: 16672
  • Location: Doncaster, Yorkshire
  • Budget: £2,500
  • Services: Design & Manufacture


Fantastic quality and service at a fair price.

It is the first thing every visitor comments about….. we couldn’t be happier with it.’

Katey approached Oak By Design in January 2018. Together with husband Andrew, they were in the throes of building a new house and was in need of a quality oak porch. The front of their new home required a talking point, something special. The property was just outside a small village in the borough of Doncaster.

They liked the proportions of the porch in Oak By Designs showroom but theirs was to be over 3 metres wide. The one shown in the showroom is 1.8 metres and would cover most entrances.

large oak porch
large oak porch


A quotation was sent out initially for a quality oak porch with finished timbers at 140mm x 140mm, as per the showroom porch.  However, they then decided they needed chunkier timbers on theirs to create the same proportions.

An amended quotation was sent out showing the front main posts as 190mm x 190mm timbers. The truss face timbers showing 190mm with a 90mm on the depth. They also wanted oak returns to sit on the dwarf wall and these, along with the back leg posts, used 190mm x 90mm timbers.

The king post on the truss and the 2 intermediaries, finished at 140mm on the face. Using bigger timbers could have looked too bulky.

The clients agreed on the final design, the porch went into production and ended up to site in April.


A blank canvas to add a focal point, a wow factor.

An ideal starting point ready to take dimensions of the opening and pre-built dwarf wall.



A welcoming entrance to this stunning new build property.

The oak sits on brick dwarf walls and contrasts well against the white-painted house.



Their builder installed the porch and a few months later Katey reviewed Oak By Design via Facebook and this is what she had to say:

‘Fantastic quality and service at a fair price. Oak By Design made a beautiful oak porch for our new build which gives it the ‘wow factor’ we were hoping for. It is the first thing every visitor comments about….. we couldn’t be happier with it.’

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